Digital LCD Lipo NiMH Intelligent RC Battery Balance Charger

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  • Genuine, authentic, original imax b6ac v2 charger by skyrc w/ anti-fake holographic serial number on the back of the charger. This number can be inputted into skyrc's website to prove its authenticity.
  • Lithium battery meter: Plug your lipo/liion/ life balance plug into the charger and use the battery meter as a voltage tester to quickly see the voltage readings from each cell. Internal resistance meter: Use this function to measure the resistance in each of your lithium battery's cells
  • This helps determine the health of your cells, to be sure you are getting the most power out of them.
  • Terminal voltage control: The voltage at which the charger cuts off the charge to each cell can be adjusted. Lipo 4.18v-4.25v (default 4.20v) / liio 4.08v-4.20v (default 4.10v) / life 3.58v-3.70v (default 3.60v)
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